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Mad March

March weather -In like a lamb, out like a lion, or in like a lion out like a lamb.  That's how the farmers describe March weather prospects and this year it is certainly true so far.  Remember the first few hopeful spring like days of early March? The paraffin heater...

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A cold Monday morning

I've put my heater on full pelt as the studio is not that inviting on these cold mornings. I think I need to make some new shapes today to get me going and inspired after a cosy weekend at the farm. I sometimes think I would be far more productive in a warmer climate....

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Life – First Post at Daisy Fawcett Ceramics

Welcome to my blog.  This is all very grown up and exciting!! I intend to show some old photos of my now 'vintage' ceramic work which I began to make in the 1980's, almost an additional gallery if you like and a good way for me to remember old techniques and shapes...

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