January was a slow month, February was a bit more productive and March is in full flow. The studio and shop will have a flat above, the building work is noisy and disruptive! I find it difficult to work with noise and mess (made by others) in the studio.

Industrial work for two companies has cranked up a notch, so I’ve made lots of samples for them and I’m flying up to Glasgow for a meeting next week which should be really exciting. Finding out the passions, quirks and requirements of more creative¬†clients is the first step in producing ideas in clay that they will feel are their own and reflect their company. I’ll post some images of some once they are in production.

Too much time is spent returning emails when I wish I could just spend all of my time making. New transfers to get made, screens to expose for some screen printing onto clay. Oh and the small matter of more stock for galleries and fairs.

Gaulby Lane

We’re in the middle of lambing here on the farm, although I can’t help a great deal due to my own work commitments, I make sure the workers are fed well, there’s always homemade soup and casseroles at the ready and cheese scones today. Rice puddings and bread and butter puddings are useful carb fillers when I don’t have time for anything else, Alan is working around the clock with two hours sleep here and there, extra hands from friends and enthusiasts is always welcome. Three hundred sheep have lambed so far and two hundred to go, each ewe has up to four lambs, unlike the hardy highland ewes from up north, who generally only have one and are left out on the moors to ‘get on with it’. These lowland livestock often need a helping hand and are brought into the sheds to lamb. The children are really helpful now they’re older, Ambrose especially as he doesn’t like to see his dad so tired.Ted licking a lamb


And then there’s the other newer distraction, Nutmeg!! The new addition to the family, a now 10 week old terrier pup. Our sixth dog! Four are outdoor working dogs, one an indoor couch potato and part time ratter (seen here licking a lamb with hypothermia). So one more is neither here nor there, but the early months are hard work with toilet training and lots of cuddles. ‘Nutty’ is so adorable I can’t walk past her without picking her up for a squeeze and a cuddle.IMG_0706