So excited that Becky, my old (but young) ex assistance is calling in to work here this weekend. Really miss her since she went to London to work.  But a weekend of all things Christmassy to make, lots of new decorations me thinks.  I’ve been a bit behind on making, always distracted by this and that (my two kids) and having a giant AGA is always tempting on the baking front.

The AGA is just another kiln, albeit at a lower temperature and the science of baking akin to that of ceramics. One we eat, the other we eat off or drink from.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to distinguish one from the other, my mind whilst eating or drinking is searching for new ways of making the perfect bowl for say pasta, if that’s what I’m eating.  My morning coffee ritual settles on the perfect mug for the occasion until the volume or drink of choice changes. Then aaargh, the mug is not fit for purpose and it’s back in the studio, I felt that this morning. So when I’m making pots, I’m thinking what food might adorn it, what recipe will suit!

Here's a clearer view of the range.

Knowing where to start today is a problem, I’ve already cancelled making lunch for two friends as the xmas deadline looms ever closer and I worry about having enough new stock.

So today I start here, I reflect on yesterday, then I begin.

Yesterday I spent the day putting an application together for a making opportunity with John Lewis.  It was maybe a bit excessive (9pages), it began with my M&S designs then my studio work and a brief resume, lots of pics!! Even if it’s not successful, it was good to do.  Once I converted it to a PDF file, I realised that the Logo which was heading each page was a low res one so it was all pixilated, gawd!! Well it’s sent off now.

Embossed mugs for M&S lace mug M&S WORK


It’s good to have these clear images and lifestyle views of the collection.

jug collection

Nomad range

platter collection

I have some large pieces of work to get started on for a new Gallery in Market Harborough, so I better get to work!