Only just recovering from our village summer ball on Saturday, Tarte au Citrons in hand and a very merry time. Back to fitting in three firings in a week, so I did manage to load a bisque firing with a fragile head and did forget a couple of pieces but not crucial.

I sometimes worry that in general each kiln I open has 80% new work and I cast my mind to the ceramic greats out there, most of whom make similar work their entire life, refining and honing their skills and concepts.

Well I resign myself to the fact that this isn’t my way. As I have only been making, for a living (ahem)! for less than two years, I just consider this time exploritory, warming up if you like, finding my niche.

It is such a pleasure making what I want each day, although my plans and aspirations are much greater than what is presented each time I crack a kiln open, the drive which keeps the momentum going, trying to make something physical out of what’s in my head, my emotions, my subconcious.

My love of texture, yet to make an appearance along with a more abstract expessionist approach to decoration, the goal.

I believe that as my confidance grows a natural hand will settle in.
I seem to lurch from one deadline to another. Several new galleries are waiting for work which is delayed by community activities etc.

This weekend in Burton Overy we have a scarecrow festival! I have been frantically making small pieces for this too, in aid of the village church death watch beetle fund.

I have yet to make the scarecrows, two glaze firings up and running I can now turn my attention to this! Pictures to follow.

Kate at Wistow Gallery is awaiting some work for her summer ‘Bird Exhibition” which opens in the begining of July, she wrote a lovely piece about my work in the local paper.

So do I go and make some hands for my two scarecrows or decorate some hearts?? I thought I would find some of the childrens gloves and dip my hands (in gloves) into plaster. The only problem with this is that plaster contracts on drying and I could find myself wearing them permanently!!

I have arranged a tutorial with Richard Phethean, a thrower/sculptor in July which I will turn my focus to soon. Thought it would help with my tourettes approach to making and development.

A lot of what I do presently is driven by the market, what sells, I do more of and what gets a grimace, I forgettabout! Not maybe a sound basis for making, but its’ the truth, it is such a pleasure to make something someone wants to own.

I have also gone live on a superb site called, ‘Made by the hands of Britain’ well worth a browse.  Scarey but exciting, I have a few pieces to test the water and make sure I am organised.  Couldn’t function without my office angel Rebecca Harvey and assistant Becky Frazer.  I would just be in a pile of messy clay with incomplete books.  Its’ called running a business!! I thought it was only about being creative, how very wrong I was…….Seed heads and bird plates