I’ve put my heater on full pelt as the studio is not that inviting on these cold mornings.

I think I need to make some new shapes today to get me going and inspired after a cosy weekend at the farm. I sometimes think I would be far more productive in a warmer climate. I have a large kiln full of a recent commission, ready to fire. I work the firings around when I will be in the studio in order to get maximum use from the extra warmth this creates, for both myself and other pots which require drying. It seems to cost rather a lot to warm the place which is offset in my costing of the work.

New work is brewing and awaiting fermentation!! New horizons!!

Off to London on Wednesday to meet friends and a V&A visit to see Michael Lloyd, 12 Vessels!
Then Saturday in Oxford with Richard Phethean on a throwing course. I don’t really regard myself a thrower, although I do throw various pieces. I use many techniques. But I’m always up for improving my skills. I did a course years ago with him, so a little refresher is always a good thing.

Here’s a plate I did years ago (1999) for a restaurant commission along with dozens of other pieces, I like the looseness of it, it appeals to my more playful hand.

Slip decorated terracotta

Slip decorated terracotta